2023 Year in Review

Looking Back on an Exciting Year

We want to take a moment to thank those involved with Suscon Products / Redi Rock. Whether you have just joined the family or are a longtime customer thank you! It was a busy and exciting year full of new projects across new markets.

Below, we highlight several of our projects from this past year. Suscon walls are recognized for their versatility as they work across many different commercial and residential spaces. Regardless of the scale or size our commitment to high quality work remains steadfast.

As we look towards 2024 we are eager for another year of growth and success. We look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

The Suscon Team

Commerical Projects

Forrestville Amazon

Amazon recently finished construction on its newest facility in the Greater Washington Area. This 130,000 square foot site showcases two pre-cast concrete retaining walls using Redi-Rock Ledgestone materials. The first wall is being used to steady the leveling for an area near the highway. The second is serving as a divider for passageways and for drainage purposes. Both walls combined are over 1,900 square feet.

Avalon Residential

Our largest project completed this year was Avalon Residential in Clarksburg, MD which began production in 2022. At the site we constructed three walls and two planter boxes. The entire project comes in at over 4,440 square feet. We are thrilled with the end result and showcases all that is possible with Suscon Products.


This recently completed wall surrounds the rear exterior of an Autozone in Bel Air, MD. The wall is approximately 250 blocks and spans 1900 square feet. This project represents an example of how much additional space can be reclaimed by using a Suscon wall to level off a slope!

Ilchester Patpsco

This wall is located on a historic property in Patapsco State Park in Ellicott City. This wall approximately 220 square feet is built into the hillside to create a beautiful layered effect and in addition is designed to support the ground to prevent further erosion. When we visited last year none of the landscape work was done. It looks absolutely gorgeous now completed.

Private Residential Projects

We take pride in tackling projects of all sizes, and our portfolio includes the construction of numerous walls in private residences. Whether the wall is designed to help stabilize the land or for aesthetic purposes, Suscon walls are always the perfect addition to any landscape, blending functionality with visual appeal.

Ongoing Projects

We are always working on new and exciting projects – below is a sneak peek of our ongoing walls. Stay tuned in the new year on our social media pages to see the final project! Follow us on our social media channels for project updates and other announcements.

To view a map of our completed projects and locations click here!

Have a Happy Holidays!